Thursday, January 4, 2007

Introduction to Your New Blogger

Blogging... is like writing a long, perhaps unending essay. But it needs an introduction. Here I will tell you about my motivation for writing, my perspective, and give you reasons for reading this blog.

What is my perspective, in short? Well, I'm a Jewish male, 22, Canadian-American citizen from a diverse background. I consider myself a liberal, but I am not strictly so. I am a Conservative Jew, which is not the same as Reform.
Here now I will get a bit into my motivation and stance. I want to educate people on Jews and liberals. Fellow Jews have not looked upon liberals so well, and one threw the Conservative and Reform Jews together and labelled us both liberal (or lefty fundamentalists as he put it). I am not strictly liberal, more moderate, so I am not perhaps the best representation of a liberal. But I am liberal enough to give people an understanding of what one might be, and show them we're not all moonbats. And I will show people what a Jew is. Human. I will try to give people an exposure of what I think's important to notice, but I'm not a news site. However, anything I do say as fact is not pulled out of thin air. I don't lie.

This is a bit of a supplement to my YouTube site; they go together like strawberries and whipped cream (but both are good on their own!). I will be political (but not too much!) and personal (but not much), but mostly philosophical. The things I post are generally my opinions on certain things. They are based in facts and logic (my biggest strength in debating), but all embedded in my personal philosophy and interpretation.

Now, for notes: I am busy working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (perhaps 6, but never 7!), keeping up with friends, creating art (and right now a project for another blog), and using my YouTube account. Food and sleep fit in there somewhere, but coffee is always a good substitute for both. So, don't expect multiple posts a day. I may not even post every day given my inspiration and energy level (and mood- I decided to keep my personal problems mostly out of this blog, so if I'm having issues, I will just avoid posting).
Please comment, I enjoy all comments, no matter how "stupid" you think they are! I don't expect fame, but if you pass by and something piques your interest, please leave a note! Thank you!