Sunday, January 7, 2007

Faith and the Scientist

Science. Religion. Mutually exclusive? Not if you're a philosopher. I believe in G-d. This seems incredibly ignorant to some people. I believe in evolution and that the universe is 14 billion years old. Not sure if it was created, or not. This does not rule out the existence of G-d. So G-d didn't make everything. So what? What if G-d is just a force that keeps things in balance? What if G-d is human conciousness? What if G-d is our soul? Science does not account for love, for kindness, for why people cut themselves, or how we find inner strength. Maybe the best of human nature is what G-d is. What we all aspire to be. Maybe G-d is hope. Science proves why things are created, and so rule out the role of G-d the Creator. Atheists love to call people like me ignorant for believing in G-d. I don't call them ignorant for refusing to accept the possibility G-d exists. Right now I accept G-d's existence and only debate the nature of G-d. Some days I doubt G-d's existence, but then again I doubt my own existence sometimes. Perhaps the issues for people is thinking of of G-d as an entity, a big man in the sky, when perhaps G-d is a force. There is something that physicists call the "God particle", a Higgs boson particle which gives other particles mass. Without it, we wouldn't exist, and the cosmos would look radically different. So is this G-d? A particle? perhaps. I wouldn't mind. Who even knows what G-d is, so how can you prove G-d doesn't exist? Even if G-d doesn't exist, I would still be Jewish. I will always hold my faith in morality.